After working at British Telecom for six years I left and became a VSO volunteer teaching computing in Nigeria. I had two choices either at state polytechnic in Yola or a state polytechnic in Ilorin. I choose the former mainly because they actually had some computers which Ilorin didn’t. I have to say that I loved the job and will always look back on it as some of the best years of my life. I was actually based in Jimeta which is the new town of Yola but was still enormous and, hence, Adamawas state capital. Jimeta Yola is actually on the banks of the River Benue so the humidity coupled with the heat was, at times, obscene.

When my two years in Yola were up VSO asked if I would transfer to the Diocese Development Service in Idah in Kogi state which I did. Idah, compared, to Yola was tiny and the power supply was chronically bad. Fortunately there was a generator and some solar panels.

The changing flash banner at the top of the page shows some of my students on one of the evening classes. The VSO banner conveniently obliterates me from the picture. The second shows some of the computers we had. For a state polytechnic we had twelve computers which was a lot by Nigerian standards.