I’ve loved photography for years and years and it’s always been complimentary to travel. I’ve never taken care of the cameras in the sense of protection. The camera must go where I go. If it can’t then I bought the wrong camera.

Nikon has been my manufacturer of choice since I first picked up an F301 at Jessops in 1988. Compared to all the other cameras that were shown to me the rubberised body and solidity made it feel amazing - it just oozed quality. That’s twenty six years now and it still works perfectly. Along the way it has picked up several stable mates in the name of the classic FM2 and the auto-focus F70. I do believe film gives better picture quality but digital scores in almost every other respect. There’s nothing like getting a pack of slides back - the colours just seem to glow. I do have a Yashica Mat 124G medium format camera which is superb

I went digital in 2004 with a Coolpix 5400 closely followed by a D70 and a D40x and now a D7000. My phone is a Galaxy S4 Zoom.