I moved out to Nigeria in April/May 1994. I had about two weeks of teacher training before I left and a further two weeks country induction when I got there.

I started as a lecturer and then became HOD in the IT department. We taught to WAEC and NBTE standards and had embarked on Degree programs as well. We also taught evening classes to students who came from local businesses. There was a good mix between Christian and Muslim as well as men and women.

It wasn’t all work and no play. I went out into the bush with some local Lutheran missionaries many times and helped VSO with a couple of new volunteer orientations and job assessments. I went to Cameroon twice over the Christmas/New Year periods.

On the right is me in a downpour during the rainy season which was a welcome relief after six months of intense heat. VSO asked me to stay and move to DDS for a third year.