I transferred to DDS/Idah in about April 1996 from SPY for a third year. DDS was run by an Irish nun and comprised many projects. The picture to the right is the experimental farm she ran in conjunction with the IITA in Ibadan. Others included rain harvesters and cleaning local water springs so they were less muddy.

I was involved in teaching as well as writing programs to track the farmer loans scheme. This was a precursor to the micro-loans that became vogue elsewhere later.

During my time in Nigeria I also helped VSO with job assessments at Mubi and Ilorin and orientations for new volunteers all in Kano.

Idah was fairly “close” to Abuja and I was able to make some inroads in getting the visa process going for Zainab in my days off. I finally finished in Nigeria in about April 1997. I even managed to get my name mentioned on the World Service read out to the whole world!!