I have loved computers ever since my father brought home a venerable Commodore PET from work. After that I studied 'O' Level Computer Science and then studied Computer Science as part of my degree at Aston University. In all that makes about twenty years of IT experience covering software development, systems support and hardware support and even three years as a lecturer in Nigeria.
If you are wondering what the computer is in the flash banner at the top it’s a VAX6610. The VAX itself is the middle box and still working fine despite production ceasing in 1992. The two towers to the left are disk arrays comprising venerable RA72 disks (about 1.2GB, 30KG, 3000rpm). This system had two towers totalling 16 disks but only one failed in five years. The three boxes to the right of the system unit are; HSC90, Star Coupler and a TU81 reel-to-reel tape drive.
More latterly I’ve been involved with StorageTek tape libraries of which some are massive. Nearline and the SL8500 mainly. As StorageTek were owned by Sun Microsystems this has also involved Sun servers of various vintages.